December 22 – Bad Choices


Apparently the stress of the holidays are getting to Bumble as much as the rest of us.  I do, however, wonder about his choices at times.


One or the other, Bumble…seriously.  I have enough to do without taking your ass to the ER.

December 21 – Something Wicked This Way Comes



This morning, I woke up and found this.  I thought, “Oh how cute, Bumble is trying to ride the kitty like a horsey!”

I now know that Bumble is anything but cute and innocent.

Look closely.  Do you see it?
That freaking abominable bastard has a garroting wire to that cat’s neck!  Holy shit!

Looks like Bumble’s Dark Passenger is making a comeback the closer to Christmas we get.  Apparently he handles the stress of the holidays a wee bit differently than most.

I’m locking my bedroom door tonight.

December 20 – Move Over, Mothra



Move over, Mothra!  Godzilla has a new epic foe to fight in Bumble!

Actually, as sad as this fight seems to be, we have to admit it’s better than the newest Godzilla movie. Hands down.

(P.S.  Forgive the picture.  My camera has been acting possessed.  I am convinced Bumble has been messing with it, but I can’t catch him in the act.)

December 19 – Walking on the Wild Side


Okay, now that little furry bastard has gone too damn far.


You can hide the car keys.  You can drink my best tequila.  You can roll a fatty in the kitchen.  Hell, you can even jerk off to the toy catalog on my bed.  But honestly, Bumble…even hinting at taking my Destiny game is so far beyond uncool that you’re lucky I don’t give you to the next door neighbor’s dog as a fucking chew toy.

You little shit.

December 18 – Too Little, Too Late



Yeah.  Nice try, Bumble.  You can try to schmooze Santa all you want, but no amount of sitting on his lap is going to convince him of your innocence. Unless, of course, you’re trying to give that poor dude a lap dance.  In which case tell that fat, judgemental bastard I want a PS4.