And to all….


Apparently Dumble and Bumble have become BFFs. Troubling…yet oddly sweet.

Of course, this picture is just humorous considering they seem to think they are getting ANYTHING in that stocking unless Santa started delivering to Naughty Bumbles without my knowledge. He didn’t…did he???



The great cookie caper


Much like fine wine and cheese…things can age into wonderful treats. 

Also like fine wine and cheese…if left alone too long, they smell and turn into something you don’t want.

I think that covers Bumble and DumbleMumble pretty well. this morning I woke up to the little bastards passed out in a sugar coma after eating nearly all of my sugar cookies. I hope they get diabeetus.

So much for sharing with the neighbors.

And here we go…


Oh look, these two little jerks are trying to break into the fridge! Considering not a lot of coming has been done here lately, I’m not sure what they were expecting to find in there. Limp celery? Cheese? Eggs from October? (Sadly a true story)

I suddenly feel the need for child locks in this kidless house.

Whatever. I’m the star.


I can only assume that Bumble doesn’t like sharing the limelight with DumbleMumble, so he’s tried to make sure he’s the star. Trouble is, that’s not a tree. That’s a flipping antique.


Family Ties


You know how Scooby Doo has his less-than-brilliant cousin Scooby Dum?

Meet Mumble: Bumble’s less-than-stellar cousin.

Mumble found his way into the family quite intently. Apparently he snuck into a gift bag that contained yummy lemon curd for me, and decided to make himself at home. So in case or lives weren’t complete with the asshole we currently have as a roommate for a month out of the year…now we have his stupid cousin.

Let the good times roll.

Next time they’ll know better


How do you know when you’re Bumble is naughty?

…when someone kidnaps his hateful ass and returns him still tied up!

If you like piƱa coladas…


I can’t figure out if Bumble thinks our part of the country is much warmer than it actually is, or of he’s trying to give me a hint. I’m happy to take him up on the hint, but have to wonder if he’s just trying to get me out of the house, ya know?